DarkWeb3 - Compliant Anonymity for Web3
Site: Twitter: @surferMonkeyHQ EPFL paper: DACT-v1 ​
SurferMonkey is a cutting-edge privacy and compliance infrastructure for Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains, pioneering Universal zkMixer - a revolutionary fusion of cross-chain and crypto-mixers for secure, private single/cross-chain transactions. However, we're not just another infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem. Instead, we believe in collaboration and integration, offering Plug-Ins for existing systems like Hyperlane, Socket, UniSawp, LayerZero or SushiSwap. This approach allows us to work alongside these platforms, enhancing their privacy features without disrupting their established operations.
Our infrastructure empowers developers with the tools to build private applications through our Privacy Smart Contract Factory while offering users an anonymous and secure ecosystem. Our core protocol, Decentralized Agnostic Compliance Technology (DACT), allows for seamless interoperability across multiple blockchain ecosystems, utilizing zero-knowledge proof technology for complete privacy. Furthermore, we provide a cryptographic window to comply with financial regulators and combat financial crimes. SurferMonkey's ultimate goal is to establish our infrastructure as the global standard for private DeFi transactions.
Universal zkMixer, the cornerstone of SurferMonkey's infrastructure, combines the best of zkRollups and crypto-mixers to deliver unparalleled privacy, security, and efficiency. This innovative approach revolutionizes the way users interact with blockchain ecosystems, providing a truly anonymous, secure, and scalable solution that doesn't compromise performance, user experience, or compliance. SurferMonkey is leading the charge in blockchain privacy and compliance, setting new standards for the industry.
Blockchain technology adoption has surged with numerous use cases, from decentralized finance to supply chain management. Despite the benefits of transparency and immutability, there is an increasing demand for privacy and anonymity. SurferMonkey addresses these concerns by offering a secure, private ecosystem for users and developers, powered by our cutting-edge Universal zkMixer technology and robust infrastructure.
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